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Cleaning nalage SNCF

Cleaning nalage SNCF

Lighting Designer
Lucie Joyes (Sammode)
Frédéric Graziani (Sammode)

Wide-area and uniform track field illumination thanks to the SILL plane projector 153

For a evenly track field illumination, the very robust mast-mounted luminaires with a high degree of protection IP65 are equipped with deep, wide-beam asymmetrical lighting technology that distributes the light very evenly over the surface, even with a mast height of only 5 metres. Due to the simple design, an effortless cleaning is possible.
The Société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF, National Company of French Railways) is the French state railway company and operates rail transport in France and Monaco. In order to ensure optimal and rapid maintenance and cleaning of the trains, the area lighting must be provided under perfect visual conditions during the day and at night. Together with SAMMODE, HOFFMEISTER was able to supply the mast luminaires series SILL 153 for this purpose.
In order to reduce the risk of accidents to an absolute minimum, the quality standards of the railway operators are very high. In particular, shading between trains contributes to significantly poorer visibility conditions and an increased risk of accidents. However, good horizontal and vertical illuminance levels for area lighting ensure a balanced ratio here and thus the best visibility conditions in the dark. The required illuminance of 40 lx for cleaning or maintenance of the trains is easily met. Thanks to LED technology, a 50% CO2 saving could be achieved compared to conventional technology. The use of state-of-the-art LED technology with a particularly long service life also reduces the necessary maintenance intervals. All in all, a solution to the complete satisfaction of the SNCF.
The plane projector series 153 is characterised by its good glare control and uniformity. In addition, the luminaire is very temperature-resistant up to max. 55°C and offers perfect corrosion protection. Thanks to IP65, the luminaire can be used both indoors and outdoors and has a wide range of accessories of different covers and mast attachments.

Cleaning nalage SNCFCleaning nalage SNCFCleaning nalage SNCFCleaning nalage SNCFCleaning nalage SNCFCleaning nalage SNCF

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