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Harbour Rotterdam

Harbour Rotterdam

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The harbour of Rotterdam is one of the largest seaports in the world and the largest deep-water port in Europe. Every year, Rotterdam handles several hundred million tons of goods.
The container and bulk zones are places of intensive infrastructure and goods handling, and require very specific lighting: to guarantee the highest possible safety, a minimum illumination level is required for optimal detectability and very good uniformity for visual comfort. The optical systems in the LED luminaire limit glare while ensuring uniform light distribution. Thanks to the very efficient asymmetric light distribution, the number of light points with SILL headlights can be reduced to a minimum for new installations. In the case of retrofits, on the other hand, the connected load is reduced. Thanks to the perfect light control, light pollution is prevented and guarantees a ULR = 0 (upward light ratio). Lighting in port areas must be able to withstand various environmental requirements such as humidity, particularly aggressive salt environments or temperature and UV degradation. Vibrations and installation at great heights on gantries or masts can be another challenge.
Since 2019, the port area in Rotterdam has been illuminated with the 177 series from SILL. This series of luminaires is highly suitable for aggressive saline environments and ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to 55°C. Likewise, these high-performance spotlights can optimally illuminate large areas thanks to their light-directing lenses.

Harbour RotterdamHarbour RotterdamHarbour RotterdamHarbour RotterdamHarbour Rotterdam

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